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Accuracy - Timeliness - Cost Effectiveness - Peace of Mind

Focus On Things That Really Matter

You should focus your time and energy on the things that you do the best - your core business. Non-core activities need to be as lean and efficient as possible. Companies, both large and small, are turning to turn key accounting & financial consultants as a way to improve performance, manage costs and provide a level of flexibility in resourcing and skill.

We help you put Your Accounting System on AUTOPILOT mode


We are committed to remove inefficiencies and ineffectiveness associated with accounting functions and help entrepreneurs in getting Systematic, Efficient, Timely and Accurate Accounting...


To assist 2000 Canadian businesses in their accounting function, so that they have cost effective and reliable accounting solutions driving their business growth


High Performance
People First

Why choose us?

We help Contractors, Manufacturers and Professionals to get freedom from stress of managing accounting activities and take command of their financial decisions.
The idea is to effectively maximize profits and minimize costs.
Our accurate, timely and reliable services range from bookkeeping to regular reports discussion with management. We help entrepreneurs so that they don’t have to chase their bookkeeping teams for reports. and they are free to focus on things that really matters – their business growth and value creation for customers.
We don’t sale accounting and bookkeeping solutions. We sale Peace of Mind.

Our Unique Features

Accuracy – Timeliness – Cost Effectiveness – Peace of Mind


Most of the businessmen face problems related to inaccurate accounting entries resulting in over...


Have you ever felt that had your accountant given you data on inventories, project costing, aging of receivables...

Cost Effectiveness

We guarantee at least 25% savings over your existing cost of book keeping and payroll processing operations.


Have you ever thought, if your existing business grows by 25% either your existing bookkeeping staff has...



  • A robust solution to bring Your A/R, A/P, Payroll and Financial Accounting in order


  • A world class solution to start getting Your MIS (Management Information Systems) and Inventories on roll
  • (Illuminator + 13)



  • A comprehensive solution for making and tracking each area of Your finance, viz., Financials, Payroll, Taxation, MIS, Inventories, Job Costing, Project Tracking and much more
  • (Businesses + 27)



Dhyani Physiotherapy

Before working with Black box, I used to go to my account once every year and give them all numbers as he used to ask me for. After giving him numbers, he just was filing my taxes. That’s about it. No question on saving taxes, no questions on where I am so easing more, no discussions on why I am paying lots of taxes and most importantly no questions on how to get some money back which I am honestly entitled to get it back. It was amazing experience working with Black Box last year. Initially I though that they’re along lots of questions, they are bringing lots of quarries, following up a bit more than I expected but then at the end when I saved lots of money which was paying extra, I realized that that’s the best part of this company. The most I liked is knowledgeable staff and excellent follow ups. I think they are so correct in writing “peace of mind “in their web-site. 3 benefits are peace of mind, cost effectiveness and most importantly excellent service.

Divine Creation – Luciana Bazilio

“Well, I was completely disoriented with so much to get done. All kinds of papers, receipts, and documents all over the place. When I got to know the "Black Box team", they are experts in their field and I could get my life completely organized due to their competence. The crew`s patience and professionalism were beyond my expectations, Chintan & Vidhi have special like-mindedness. It was a great choice and I am absolutely satisfied with the service. Thank you very much Chintan & Vidhi.”

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