Our Unique Features
Accuracy – Timeliness – Cost Effectiveness – Peace of Mind
Most of the businessmen face problems related to inaccurate accounting entries resulting in over payments, lost discounts, delayed recoveries and most importantly faulty business decisions based on misleading accounting reports. At Black Box Consultancy Service Inc. we have created rigorous maker checker procedures to deliver You accurate Accounting and Financial reports, every time.
Blackbox Consultancy
Have you ever felt that had your accountant given you data on inventories, project costing, aging of receivables a few months before, You could have saved a lot in terms of disposal of slow moving inventories, curbing of overrun project costs or timely follow up for collection of receivables. This happens with every small and medium business owners, We have developed systems to deliver You reports on Timely basis so that You can take timely actions resulting in cost reduction or profit maximization.
Blackbox Consultancy
Cost Effectiveness
We guarantee at least 25% savings over your existing cost of book keeping and payroll processing operations.
Have you ever thought, if your existing business grows by 25%,either your existing bookkeeping staff has to work overtime resulting in compromising in effectiveness of accounting function, or you may hire new team members and incur 100% more cost. With us, you can get flexibility and scalability. Pay only proportionately higher for Your increased business and never compromise on effectiveness of accounting function.
Extensive Personal Meetings
Your accountant is your actual business guide, who gives you profitable insights in your business data. How often do you discus your accounting and financial reports with your accountant? IN case of virtual book keepers, the situation is worse. You do not see your virtual bookkeeper quite often. We have taken data entry job out of your premises and ensured extensive one to one meetings for your accounting and financial reports at your convenient location.
Blackbox Consultancy
Blackbox Consultancy
Support for your CPA
We connect directly to your CPA and provide them reports, data, information, explanations and clarifications required for your Tax Filings, Audit and Review. We work directly with your CPA to pass any adjustment entries suggested by your CPA – saving your time and energy.
Catch up bookkeeping
Do you have back log of book keeping for many months? Don’t panic… Relax… and entrust our expert team to complete back log of months in a few weeks.
Secure Data sharing
We use world class apps and software for auto capturing and fetching data information and statements directly from your banks, financial institutions and utility providers with bank-grade security.